Welcome to our Parish

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Portland, Maine, is a parish rich in history and strong in faith. In recent decades we have come to reflect and share in the growing diversity of our city. We welcome all Orthodox people regardless of nationality and language, and our doors are open to people who are searching for a deeper spirituality and liturgical experience

The Liturgy is indeed the heart and soul of the Orthodox experience. And it is complemented by a rich tradition of iconography and spirituality. And now, in the 21st century, the Web has also become an essential form of expression for our faith. Our church has had a website since 1999, but we are now looking to develop it more fully and improve its appearance.

We invite you to visit often. But even more, we invite you to visit our parish. Perhaps you will find a spiritual home with us.

Wellness Wednesday

Our next Wellness Wednesday meeting is Wednesday, March 1st from 10:00 to 12:00 at the Parish House. Class and presentation by Laura Overton, Certified Yoga Instructor. We will do Easy Yoga and Stretching exercises. All ages are welcome.

Lunch to follow Yoga Class. A $5.00 donation would be appreciated for the class.

For more informatiom contact Jackie Tselikis RN, Parish Nurse at 939-2260.

This month's spirit article...

Church is not a spectator sport!

"When the Church just becomes a spectator sport to compete with other spectator sports on Sundays..." I spoke those words near the end of my sermon on August 28th. They were not in my prepared notes; the words came out of nowhere, but I believe they summarize quite accurately much about the Orthodox Church today.

But I refuse to accept this aberration. The Church is NOT a spectator sport in competition with other spectator sports! The Church is not in competition with anything except its own sinfulness and inertia.

I'd like the new church year that begins this month to be The Year of the Liturgy in our parish. Come and discover what this could mean for you and our community. May we grow together in grace and communion.

2017 Greek Festival - "The Best 3 Day Party in Portland"

Yassou! Join us in a celebration of Greek culture at the Annual Greek Food Festival on Thursday, June 22 thru Saturday, June 24, 2017, at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Portland, Maine.

This spectacular three-day Greek Festival is a wonderful family event that each year draws more than 10,000 visitors from around the greater Portland area. Along with the exquisite Greek cuisine, there will be live music and traditional dancing. Read more...

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