Community News

Our 2018 Parish Council

At its first meeting in January, the Parish Council elected Helen Blewett as President. Here is the list of officers elected at the January meeting together with all other members of the current Parish Council:

Helen Blewett - President
Mark Butler - Vice President
John Cox - Treasurer
Luci Nanos - Secretary
Theodore Hassapelis
Agathi Haxhi
Kim Kapothanasis
Dean Krestos
Regat Mebrahtu
Nona Tsotseria

We thank these men and women who have accepted the invitation to serve the greater good of our church community.

Thank you, Paul Ureneck!

Paul informed us last December that he is stepping down from the Parish Council and from his position as President of the Parish Council. His work responsibilities and change of domicile made it impossible for him to continue giving his best to the mission of the Parish Council. He will help in every other way he can. Our entire community is deeply grateful to Paul for the many years he has devoted to his Parish Council work, especially the great care he expended on the maintenance and improvement of our buildings.

Thank you, Paul. God bless you in everything you do.

2018 Stewardship

In whatever work we do, we are called to give glory to God for the abilities and opportunities He provides. We do this by caring for the work we do, applying our God-given abilities to our work, and by respecting the responsibilities with which we have been entrusted. We do our best and give the glory to God. As Christian Stewards we are called to give back to God from the "first fruits" of our labor.

Please consider your 2018 stewardship pledge so that we can continue making a difference. May God's blessings be yours.

For questions about stewardship or more information on becoming a steward of Holy Trinity, please contact Helen Blewett at 207-799-7544 or

Greetings from Philoptochos.

Here we are, already one month into the New Year! After a very successful Vasilopita, we are now gearing up for several months of activities. We have a special event planned for March, then of course is the baking of the Lambropsomo and our Palm Sunday dinner. By then, we are already into April! In addition to our monthly commitments, our dinners, and our other "regular" events, we are committed to working closely with the parish council in any way we can to enhance our church and parish house.

Sadly, for us but not for our community, Helen Blewett will no longer continue to serve as Vice President of Philoptochos. Her duties as Presidnt of the community will, no doubt, keep her very busy! Congratulations and good luck Helen.

On behalf of all of us in Philoptohos, I would like to say thank you to Paul Ureneck for all the help and support he has given us. On so many occasions he cooked for us, listened to us and supported our functions. Thank you Paul and good luck

So ladies, we need a VP! Hope to see a lot of you at our meeting on February 11th, right after Liturgy!

Soula Varaklis, President

Wellness Events

The Wellness Wednesday Luncheon will be held on Wednesday, March 14th from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. The topic will be "Essential Oils - what are they and how can we use them for supporting our health?" featuring guest speaker Janet Kamaratous Seymour.

We will discuss how essential oils are used as all Natural and Plant based alternatives for eliminating synthetics and toxins in our daily lives.

Please contact Parish Nurse Jackie Tselikis, RNMS, at 207-939-2260
to sign up or for more information.

Holy Trinity Sunday School

The Sunday School lessons synchronize with the themes of the Lenten Sundays, as the children learn about the Sunday of Orthodoxy and the importance of icons, the Veneration of the Holy Cross, the importance of forgiveness and prayer, and much else to show them the beauty of our Orthodox faith.

February 18- No Sunday School classes.

March 31- Saturday of Lazarus. The Sunday School will sponsor the breakfast following Liturgy, and the children will learn to fold palms into the shape of a cross for Palm Sunday.

The children are in the midst of a spiritual construction project, building a model of Holy Trinity. The model serves as a reminder that each one of us helps to build the church, a place for all to worship together and to give thanks and praise to God. May you all have a blessed Lenten season.

Thank you, Mary Gianibas

2018 Greek Food Festival - June 21, 22, 23

It's not too early to start getting excited about our annual Festival!! Planning for our annual Festival begins well before the doors open. We are already planning food preparation for this year. The Festival is our only major fund raising event. In recent years we've had phenomenal success, and year after year we are breaking our own records. But we need the support of everyone to make it a success. Without the Festival income, we would not be able to balance our budget. Stewardship income is simply not sufficient!

Each year we receive very generous cash donations to cover our costs of food, paper products, beverages and equipment rentals we use to hold the Festival. We are counting on everyone to participate. Festival representatives will be contacting you soon. Please be as generous as you can.

No donation of time or money is too little. There are many ways for everyone to help.
We are counting on you!!

Send email to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America